WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Endless Ends

Sometimes during knitting I have to stop and ask myself, “Self, why do you keep starting projects that you know are going to be a nightmare to finish? The finishing is your least favorite part, so shouldn’t you pick projects that will require as little finishing as possible?” To which I usually reply, “Shut up and keep knitting. It’s pretty.”

I finally finished knitting Aranami and it is so very pretty. That’s why I started it after all.


I added a sixth color to the mix because there was a bit of a color gap between the light teal and the dark green and because I wanted a larger shawl. Unfortunately I now have 134 yarn ends to weave in.


I loathe weaving in ends. It’s so tedious. I knew this was going to happen. I read the comments on other peoples’ project pages mentioning the gazillion ends that needed weaving in afterwards, but somehow I thought I would be fine with it. I always think I’ll be fine with it right up until the moment I have to start slogging through whatever horrendously long finishing process I’ve doomed myself to. “It’s so pretty,” I tell myself, “surely it will be worth it…” I sure hope so, because this is going to take a while.

3 thoughts on “WIP-Cracking Wednesday: Endless Ends

  1. For projects like that (I’m working on the Jojoland Melody Swirl Shawl now), I try to make myself weave in some of the ends as I go along so I’m not MISERABLE at the end.

    (Emphasis on the “sometimes”. Am I always this brilliant? Noooo. See: Autumn Rose pullover, that eventually got hauled to work with me so I could weave during my lunch break and get the damn thing done.)

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