The Mayans Lied, So I Guess I’ve Got to Do Stuff

Happy New Year’s Eve! I am going to be spending my day clearing the decks to prepare for 2013, because nothing motivates me to clean more than a looming arbitrary deadline. I’m still not quite clear why I do this. I never seem to get everything done that I want to. I don’t think of… Continue reading The Mayans Lied, So I Guess I’ve Got to Do Stuff

WIP-Cracking Wednesdays: Block Party

It’s a Christmas miracle! I’m back to blogging AND I’ve been working on finishing things! For the past few days I’ve been blocking up a storm. I started with the Black Friday socks since those were on a deadline. I ran into a slight snag with the boyfriend’s socks when I discovered that a good… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesdays: Block Party

The List of Awesome People

My Indiegogo campaign has concluded and I have many people to thank for their generous contributions! I was truly touched by how many people were willing to help when I was in crisis. Some people didn’t know about the Indiegogo campaign and STILL sent me money to help me replace my stolen computer! Without further… Continue reading The List of Awesome People


I just wanted to interrupt my silence to say I’m not dead! I do have things I want to post about, but typing kinda hurts right now. I suspect the computer is at fault. Something is going horribly wrong with the ergonomics of this new laptop and I’m still working on figuring it out. I’m… Continue reading Resting

WIP-Cracking Wednesdays: Black Friday Socks

I’m taking a break from my weekly woecake to show a couple of WIPs that are actually going well. Remember the Black Friday KAL socks I cast on a couple of weeks ago? Well, they’ve grown. I made a lot of head-way while watching Game of Thrones (only 2 episodes in and I’m HOOKED) and re-watching… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesdays: Black Friday Socks


I’ve been nominated for some bloggy awards! The first one happened a couple weeks ago, but I was so stunned by it that I really didn’t know what to do about it. Duh, post about it! I’m really thrilled to be nominated for both awards, it warms this new-ish blogger’s heart to know that people… Continue reading Awards!

WIP-Cracking Wednesdays: The Overdue Booties

In the spring of 2007 I received a rather odd card in the mail. It was an invitation to  baby shower from my cousin. I found it odd for several reasons: My cousin was a lesbian, so how exactly was she impregnated? Was she adopting? WHAT’S GOING ON?! I did not know my cousin was… Continue reading WIP-Cracking Wednesdays: The Overdue Booties


Originally posted on Jessica's Yarn Tales:
Life has been busy lately and as a result, I have fallen behind in my planned posts, especially this one about my friend, Nikki. We met during our freshman year of college, when, within the first few days, she was seeking refuge from the drunken mayhem of her…

Urban Craft Uprising! (Part 2)

And the Urban Craft Uprising vendor love-fest continues… More narwhals were sighted at the Bread and Badger booth! I have bought several of their etched pint glasses as presents in the past – including one with a honey badger for my mom – and every time I see them again they’ve come up with something even more… Continue reading Urban Craft Uprising! (Part 2)

Urban Craft Uprising!

Yesterday I made my bi-annual trip to Urban Craft Uprising! Usually I end up coming home with bags full of goodies, but since I’m dead-broke this year I was content to just marvel at all of the glorious hand-made things. This time I came armed with my camera, and I have LOTS to show you.… Continue reading Urban Craft Uprising!