November Wrap Up

Here it is, the last day of NaBloPoMo, and I have succeeded in posting 26 out of 30 days of the month! The only days I missed were due to illness, holiday activities, or sheer exhaustion (seriously, one of those no-post days was because I literally wasn’t conscious long enough in that 24-hour period to even look at the computer). I learned a lot during this experience. For example, I learned that I am wordy. Unless the post is a reblog or a total cop-out, I typically can’t hit publish until I’ve reached at least 900 words. Sorry.

I picked up quite a few new followers this month! I’m not sure how much of that is just due to more frequent posting, or if that was from posting daily links to my blog in Ravelry, or what, but I’m glad for the extra views!

While the daily posting was a bit much for me, it was a great experience and has helped establish a bit more structure for the blog. Here are some of the things you can expect from me moving forward:

  • I just don’t have enough content to justify posting every. single. day. and sometimes I’m just too busy. I think posting about every other day would be a far more reasonable schedule.
  • Vocabulary for Muggles is going to continue! It’s really fun for me, and it seems to be entertaining for others, so I’m going to try fitting in a vocab lesson once a week.
  • WIP-Cracking Wednesdays will continue as long as I feel the WIP-shaming is necessary for me, but I will restrict them to a single WIP per post.
  • There will be more small business/artisan/knitting industry related content! Having less frequent posting should allow me more time for research and such so I will actually have useful things to write on those subjects.
  • There will be the occasional re-blog or short announcement of new links in the blogroll whenever I come across something noteworthy on the net.

Best of all, the daily post-a-thon has really helped me get over the performance anxiety I once had when it came to blogging, so one thing you can expect NOT to see on the blog from now on are weeks-long dry spells! Yay NaBloPoMo!!

(Hey look at that, I’m going to publish something with only 386 words! Weird!)



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