The verdict is in…

I cast on for the Black Friday socks today! I got through the toe of my boyfriend’s socks first.

Then I tallied up the votes to determine which yarn I would be knitting my socks in. Here on the blog there was a tie between Zombie Hello Kitty and Unicorns, but I also posted a poll on Ravelry in the Canon Hand Dyes group, and there “The course of true love” was the clear winner. When combining the results, they beat out every other color by at least 6 votes! There was a fairly good case made for them – with the pinks and reds “The course of true love” would make the perfect Valentine’s day socks, and with the KAL ending on January 1, they would be done with plenty of time to spare!

I successfully wrangled the circular needles and cast on top-down socks using the Magic Loop method.

Yarn: Canon Hand Dyes Lewis Self Striping MCN Sock – “The course of true love never did run smooth” – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

In other decision-making news, after downloading the free trials I decided my brain is just too complex for 2Do to handle. There just wasn’t enough control over hierarchical tasks and grouping tasks into projects vs. contexts. OmniFocus is much better suited for taming the chaos that is my life. The interface isn’t as intuitive as I would like, but so far I haven’t been stumped by anything. It will just take a bit of practice before I remember how everything works and then it will be perfect. Which makes me a bit sad because it’s $50 more than 2Do. Oh well. Managing my brain is a big job, so of course only the expensive software can do it properly.

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