Greetings and Salutations!

I’ve had a huge spike in page views in the past few days! Welcome new readers! There have also been waaay more comments than I’m used to, which is wonderful and thank you to those of you who left them. I will be responding to all of the comments tomorrow. Tonight I am exhausted from the exciting weekend I spent at Knit Fit in Ballard, WA. I would love to tell you all about it tonight, but I think I need a good night’s sleep before I can use the English language properly again.

I will leave you with one fun factoid before I go to bed. I’m a relatively new blogger, so I’m still figuring out how the whole blogging stats thing works. Sometimes it will show you the search terms people entered into search engines which led them to your blog. Today one of the search terms which directed someone to my corner of the internet was the sentence “Ever since my sister moved back in everything is terrible.” I giggled for like five minutes straight after reading that! Whoever that was, thanks for the laugh. Goodnight everyone, I’ll have much more to say in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Greetings and Salutations!

  1. I confess, I get great laughs at home some people get to my blog, too. It’s random and surreal and makes me wonder how disappointed some of them must be when they arrive at my boring little corner of the interwebs.

    • Yeah…I can see how that search may have led here, I did have a post with “terrible” in the title and mentioned my sister several times within the post. But why would someone Google THAT??

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