Sorry for the blog silence, I’ve been too busy WINNING! I entered a few things into the Puyallup Fair just to see what would happen. The socks I entered got nothing, but I wasn’t too surprised by that. I’ve only done a few pairs and I’m still learning how to manage the tight gauges necessary for socks.

Pattern: Blathnat by Irishgirlieknits

Yarn: Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Orchid


The hat got third place! I had doubts about entering it since it’s such a simple pattern, but apparently the workmanship still showed.

Pattern: Toorie by Carina Spencer

Yarn: indigodragonfly Merino Silk DK in Edward Discovers That Woodchippers Make Excellent Juicers


The shawl I entered was the only one I expected to get a ribbon since it is a complex pattern and I freaking ROCKED the construction. It got second place!

Pattern: Catkin by Carina Spencer

Yarn: Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Spanish Wine and Hoppy Blonde


The real surprise of the show for me was the fingerless gloves I entered. I really wasn’t planning on entering them at all since it’s a very simple pattern, but when I posted the finished pics to Facebook they were so popular I thought, “Why not?” Well I’m glad I did because they got FIRST PLACE!

Pattern: Corseted Mitts by Carina Spencer

Yarn: indogodragonfly MCN Worsted in Who’s a Guy Gotta Kill to Get a Drink Around Here? (Angelus)


The wins are absolutely mind-blowing! This is a HUGE fair. I thought I might get one ribbon, I certainly didn’t expect to get three, nor that one of them would be blue!

While that was one of the highlights of the fair for me the fun did not stop in the Home Arts department. It seemed like you couldn’t swing a cat on those fairgrounds without hitting a spinner! I found them in several of the barns spinning fibers from the nearest critter, and the merchant building also seemed to be filled with spinners and spinning enthusiasts. I stopped to chat with just about every one of them. Turns out there’s a fairly active spinner’s guild in my area and I’m seriously thinking about joining them so I can stop looking forlornly at my spinning wheel and actually figure out how to use the damned thing.

I also found one of the yarns on my bucket list – possum yarn! I know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not yarn from this hideous creature:


It’s New Zealand possum yarn, from this much cuter (and softer) creature:


This (undyed) yarn was being sold in infinity scarf kits by a local dyer called Fly Designs and is available through the Angora Valley Fibers site here.

Ok, so entering stuff into the fair actually doesn’t take that much time, so that’s not the real reason for my lack of blog-ness. I’ve been busy rearranging ALL THE THINGS and it’s taking forever. I have before pictures and during pictures but I don’t have after pictures since I’m not done yet. You will see them in due time.


2 thoughts on “Winning.

  1. Wooooo! Ribbons of Goodness! And Doooooom! I am chalk-full of pride! 😀

    I should really email you sometime soon. I’ve been living in Ohio for a month and a half now–I totally have time to write a brief email.

    But anyway, I’m so glad the knitting is going so ridiculously well for you! You’ll be living off the proceeds of your knittery goodness before you know it! 🙂 Or, you know, at least getting enough money from your knittery goodness to finance more knittery goodness. That one may happen first.

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