I have a new friend…

His name is Sven.

I found him in Seattle last weekend. We were driving to a small appliance repair shop with a broken KitchenAid and I noticed a little corner antique shop with several mannequins on display outside and a big sign that said “30% off everything!” After dropping off the KitchenAid I felt compelled to take a closer look at those mannequins. I thought perhaps they would be good stand-ins for real models when I’m having trouble convincing humans to interact with me.

The two bronzed male mannequins out front that initially caught my eye were marked “not for sale” so within seconds I felt like the stop was a bust, but I ventured into the shop anyway to check out the antiques. Immediately inside were two more mannequins! Those were female mannequins, one in a light blue and the other in acid yellow-green. Both were very eye catching, but their featureless heads were cracked and the shiny finish reflected every light in the room…not great for photography. I continued browsing.

Waaaay in the back, I noticed another mannequin modeling some vintage clothes. As I got closer I could see it was another male mannequin, but white and with a more stylized face than the bronzed ones out front. He was wearing a dapper hat, a silk tie, a white pinstripe shirt, a brown tweedy suit jacket, and a sarong. I passed him by at first, continuing to examine the nearby antiques, but my eyes kept getting drawn back to the white mannequin and that art deco style face.

And that chiseled jaw.

Then I took off the hat and saw THAT HAIR!

I knew he had to come home with me. I had no choice. He needs a little TLC – he’s a bit dirty and has some chips in his white coating. He is also missing a stand, but I figure I could find a new one or make one. The missing hands don’t bother me at all.

Sven is my new friend. He is going to wear lots of shawls and cowls and hats and he is going to love them. But first he has a date with a washcloth and a paintbrush.


One thought on “I have a new friend…

  1. Love the new manequin friend! I was just telling Laura last week that I need a manequin or something for my new craft room at home to display my crochet! Awesome find! I am soooo jealous! LOL!

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