Let the Games Begin!

Well, I guess they’ve already begun, but I’ve been too busy knitting to write a post about it until now. I’ve been participating in the Ravellenic Games since the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and if I continue to stay on pace I think could end up with 12 medals! For those of you who don’t spend the majority of your internet time on Ravelry, I will explain.

The Ravellenic Games is a worldwide knit-a-long hosted on Ravelry (a knitting themed social networking site). The only rules are to cast on during the opening ceremonies, finish by the end of the closing ceremonies and to challenge yourself in your chosen fibery craft. There are many events to choose from and some projects could even qualify for several events (for example a lace scarf could qualify for Scarf Hockey, Lace Longjump, and possibly Single Skein Sprint). There are many teams you can join, though it’s not required. It’s basically an excuse to come together as an international community to share our enthusiasm for fiber arts, cheer each other on, enjoy some Olympics action, and test the limits of our crafty abilities.

I am using the Ravellenic Games to build a portfolio to show Carina Spencer so I can apply to be a licensed knitter of her designs. I am also testing my physical limits when it comes to knitting. Already I can tell you that stretch breaks, ice and thumb massages are going to be the keys to my success.

I am attempting to knit two cowls, two shawls, two hats, and a pair of fingerless mitts in 17 days. The patterns I’m knitting are:

The first step was to pick out the yarn.

When I devised this insane plan I knew immediately I wanted to use all indigodragonfly yarn. The colors are gorgeous, the yarn is always a dream to work with, and the color names are frequently hilarious. For those who are curious, this is what I’m using:

  • Merino Silk DK – Edward Discovers That Woodchippers Make Excellent Juicers
  • Merino Sock – Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal! (Wash) (not pictured – I thought I was going to use River Song, but I changed by mind)
  • Merino Sock – Bunnies, Bunnies, It Must Be Bunnies! (Anya)
  • MCN Worsted – Who’s a Guy Gotta Kill To Get a Drink Around Here? (Angelus)
  • MCN Sport – Bored Now. (Evil Willow)
  • MCS Worsted – Don’t You Have an Elsewhere to Be? (Cordelia)
  • DK Polwarth Silk – A Thin Line Between Love and Batteries
  • DK Polwarth Silk – Young Helpless Damsels in Damp Climates
  • MCS Worsted – River Song

Next I had to swatch.

The Merino Silk DK was stubbornly refusing to get the right gauge, so I had to try several times to get it right. Everything else was either very cooperative, or getting exact gauge wasn’t particularly important.

Since I am using indigodragonfly yarn, then of course I had to join the indigodragonfly team – Team Smart-Ass World-Dominating Knitters of Doom. I even got a shirt featuring our mascot, the Cute and Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrel of Doom (logo designed by Joey’s House).

Then as soon as the opening ceremonies began (London time) I cast on all the things! Day one got off to a good start:

Day two I kept pace:

Day three I had to slow down a bit to rest my hands, but I still managed to stay on schedule:

Hopefully I can keep up the pace and finish all seven projects by August 12! Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Let the Games Begin!

  1. Man, I love the Wippoorwill and the fingerless gloves so much I can barely articulate it! You are chalk full of ambition and I salute you! Good luck! Look! I’ve gotten carried away with my exclamation points again! Somewhere in Illinois, my old writing prof Monica is twitching and doesn’t know why!

    Also, I know where all those Joss-Show quotes come from and mostly what lines come before and after them. Serious nerd-cred: earned. 🙂

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